Here are 5 things you’ll love about Oceans toilet paper:

1. We protect our oceans

Scientists estimate that there are over 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans. Unnecessary plastic packaging will make up a large part of the debris. That’s why making Oceans 100% plastic-free was a no-brainer for us!


2. Give back to the Marine Conservation Society

We’ll donate 25% of our profits to the Marine Conservation Society so they can protect our seas, shores and wildlife. That means every time you purchase Oceans, you’re helping to keep our oceans safe.


3. It’s soft… like SUPER soft

Unlike most eco-friendly toilet paper, we haven’t compromised on quality. Our luxurious 3-ply rolls are guaranteed to keep bums happy. It’s even quilted with our patented bubble print for extra velvety goodness.


4. We deliver straight to your door

Imagine, you’ve just got home after your weekly grocery shop when you suddenly realise… you’ve forgotten the loo roll ?

With Oceans, you’ll never forget to buy toilet paper again. Our subscription service ensures we deliver 27 or 45 rolls direct to your door exactly when you need it.


5. We save trees and we’re certainly not made from bamboo!

You won’t find any bamboo in Oceans toilet paper! Although bamboo is considered a sustainable wood as it grows much faster than trees, it’s also grown commercially in China. We’d rather save the air miles and reduce our carbon footprint by making Oceans toilet paper out of FSC 100% sustainable paper sourced from the UK.

Be good to the planet and yourself ? order Oceans toilet paper here