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How eco-friendly can you make toilet roll?

How eco-friendly can you make toilet roll?

We know that choosing the right toilet roll alone won’t save our planet. But it’s a great starting point if you’re looking to be a little kinder to this place we call home.


Truth is, there are lots of factors that go into making an eco-friendly toilet paper. And there are also plenty of products out there that boldly overstate their positive effect on the environment. It’s hard to cut through the noise. To understand what’s fact, and what’s just greenwashing. 

We like to keep things simple at Oceans. We don’t hide behind long scientific words and fancy marketing. Here we flush out *sorry* the nonsense to explain how you make toilet paper truly eco-friendly.


Trees, trees and more trees 🌳

As with all products, how the material is sourced or grown has a HUGE impact of how eco-friendly the toilet roll will be. Traditionally, toilet paper is made from trees. Yet, it’s still shocking to read that the average person uses 384 trees worth of toilet roll in their lifetime. 

You may have seen bamboo toilet paper roll its way onto the eco scene. This super fast-growing plant has almost become synonymous with sustainability. But, like many ‘eco-friendly’ products, it was too good to be true! 

Although quite a hardy plant, bamboo grows best in warm, moist climates. It’s for this reason over ⅓ of the world’s bamboo is grown in China. The claims surrounding bamboo toilet roll start to unravel when you realise it’s racked up some serious air miles being transported to the UK. 

We decided to make our toilet paper in the UK from 100% FSC accredited materials. And whilst we do offer delivery direct to your door, our 27 and 45 roll-packs mean fewer trips to the shop when you’ve forgotten the loo roll. If you’re keen on offsetting your carbon footprint, the more local the product, the fewer CO2 emissions you have to worry about. 


Happy people 🤝

Another clear advantage to manufacturing in the UK is the ability to ensure ethical standards are always met. At Oceans, we:  

  • Pay fair wages
  • Can guarantee no child labour
  • Maintain safe working conditions

Not to mention having more visibility and control over our product, so your toilet roll is the same super soft quality every time. 


Package me Plastic-free 📦

Plastic waste is the biggest threat to our oceans and marine life. And yet, we continue to dump 8 million tonnes of plastic in our oceans every year. The UK is banning more single-use plastic items, but progress is slow. 

When it came to choosing our packaging, we knew one thing for certain. We had to be 100% plastic-free. We wanted to protect our oceans and marine life from plastic pollution. 


Fish friendly 🐟

We even decided to take our obsession with saving the ocean one step further. We’re donating 25% of all our profits directly to the Marine Conservation Society to help them protect our seas, shores and wildlife. 


Next time you’re browsing the toilet paper aisle, ask yourself whether those traditional rolls stand up to the test. You might make an iloo-minating discovery. 

In the meantime, check out Oceans toilet paper, for a 100% sustainable, plastic-free alternative.