Oceans Plastic Free

We have plastic free all wrapped-up!

We have plastic free all wrapped-up!

Exciting news here at Oceans, and no doubt some of you lovely Friends of Oceans will have already noticed… Our new paper wrap packaging is now used on all of your orders! 

It’s another way for us to channel sustainability and keep doing our best to protect our oceans.  

The new paper wrap represents a whopping 92% reduction in paper weight, so it uses less material and costs so much less to transport.  

And as we all look increasingly for contact free options, for peace of mind, we can tell you that the paper wrap is manufactured using automatic machinery which is entirely contact free and meets the highest hygiene standards.  

Oh, and you can recycle it fully at home.  

We’d love to hear your feedback on your next order. Don’t forget delivery is free in the UK and you can receive 5% off when you subscribe.  

That’s a wrap, friends.