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How your subscription will help save the oceans

Oceans Toilet Tissue and Kitchen Towel has less packaging which is 100% plastic free, travels less miles to your door and supports the Marine Conservation Society. 

25% of all profits are donated to the Marine Conservation Society to support its work, from beach cleans to sustainable fishing and highlighting the issue of plastic that enters our oceans. Every single purchase of Oceans helps to support this work, so one small change to your shopping habits really can make the world of difference.  

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Subscribe today and save 5%

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Already an Oceans fan and want to share the love? Refer a friend and you and your friends can help make a difference, one loo roll at a time. 

Let your friends and family try Oceans loo roll and ‘sea’ for themselves the quality – once they try that super soft, bubble quilted goodness they’ll never roll back! Oceanjumbo-sized, superabsorbent kitchen towel with liquid lock emboss is perfect for tough jobs around the house. Live greener, shop smarter, spread the love and do good for our planet.  

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Help us spread the word about making this small change for the good of our planet.

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Share the love

Help us spread the word about making this small change for the good of our planet.

Become a Friend of Oceans

There might be oceans between us but there’s no need to feel blue! Join our community of like-minded world worshippers and start making a difference.

Shopping greener doesn’t have to be inconvenient or expensive – bulk buying has long been considered a more environmentally friendly way to shop as it reduces packaging, saves money and minimises transport. PLUS becoming a Friends of Oceans and signing up to our toilet roll subscription service is a hassle-free way to save time and means you never run out of loo roll!  

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Subscribe today and save 5%

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How does it work?

It is quick and easy to order online – you can either choose a one-off purchase or subscribe and save 5% on every order. Once we have your order, our happy team get to work and get your loo roll and kitchen towel delivered in just 48 hours completely free. 


Friends of Oceans subscribers can increase or decrease how often you receive your subscription toilet paper and kitchen roll to suit your lifestyle. For example, you might need a little more loo roll if you have friends to stay or you might need to pause your subscription for a little while if you are off on holiday exploring our beautiful planet. Enjoy hassle-free, cost-effective eco-friendly shopping at its best. 

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Subscribe today and save 5%

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We would love to hear from you! Send us your thoughts, photos, comments and questions and let’s get chatting! 

At Oceans it is really important to us to deliver the best eco-friendly products, and you can help us do that. We would love to hear your ideas, no matter how big or small, on how we can improve our products, enhance our service and work together to save our planet.  

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