Kind to oceans.

Our luxury roll isn't just good for you.

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Saving sea creatures with luxury toilet tissue

Our toilet tissue and packaging is 100% plastic free, recyclable, responsibly sourced and sustainably made, so it doesn't damage the oceans.

We donate 25% of profits* from every pack to the
Marine Conservation Society.

So every purchase helps fund the protection of our oceans.

Do your bit.

Swap to Oceans. It's a small change you'll hardly notice – zero hassle, no compromising on comfort – that can make a much bigger difference to your world.

Keep on reading below about how the Marine Conservation Society fights for the future of our ocean.

Helping towards a cleaner ocean.

The Marine Conservation Society find ways to prevent and clean up marine litter and pollution. They campaign to stop plastic entering our oceans, from straws and wipes to microplastics. And they organise volunteer beach cleans to stop plastic waste going back into the water and endangering sea life. Using science, they track the health of our waters and call for better environmental regulations.

Helping towards a better-protected ocean

The Marine Conservation Society secure spaces where species and habitats can recover. They are aiming for at least 30% of UK waters being effectively managed to protect wildlife and ecosystems. Only a sea full of life can absorb carbon and tackle climate change.

Make good things happen

For every pack you buy, we donate to the Marine Conservation Society. They'll use your donation to fund all kinds of projects that aim to protect our precious oceans.

Good for your planet

Responsibly sourced

We're FSC accredited, all our materials responsibly sourced.

Ethical standards

Our supply chain is sustainable from beginning to end.

Made in the UK

Higher manufacturing standards you can trust.

Small change. Big outcome.

Say hello to our roll.

Kind to behinds and oceans.

Soft, strong luxury loo roll direct to your door.


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