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Get super-absorbent kitchen roll delivered direct to your door in just 48 hours for free – good for our oceans, good for the planet and good for your household!

Plastic Free Kitchen Roll

  • 100% plastic-free kitchen towel made in the UK
  • 25% of profits donated to the Marine Conservation Society 
  • Jumbo sized and super absorbent
  • Fast and free delivery 

Number of boxes required

Product details

  • Super absorbent and strong – our jumbo-sized quality 3-ply kitchen paper with a unique liquid lock emboss is super absorbent which makes it perfect for jobs around the house. It is a natural product made from sustainably-sourced FSC® C074684 paper and is completely biodegradable and plastic-free. As a super-strong and absorbent material – don’t flush down your loo as it will cause a blockage! It’s not designed to be flushable. 
  • Marine Conservation Society – we are passionate about saving sea creatures and keeping our seas clean so we donate 25% of our profits to the Marine Conservation Society to achieve that goal.
  • Environmentally friendly – our materials are sustainably sourced from the Forest Stewardship Council and we are SEDEX accredited to ethical business standards.
  • Fast and free delivery – our kitchen roll is easily ordered online and delivered direct to your door, absolutely free as often as you need it!
  • Made in the UK – we are proud to support our UK workforce with fair wages (we’re an accredited Real Living Wage’ employer) and safe working conditions. We also have greater quality control over our products. 

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How much do you need?

Our kitchen rolls can be ordered in boxes of 6 or 9 rolls. A roll per week is average but busy households with more family members and those with pets may use more. 

oceans 3-ply eco-friendly toilet tissue

3-ply soft and strong

Super-absorbent 3-ply jumbo paper. 315mm x 265mm and 100 sheets per roll

Made in the UK

Made in the UK

Sustainably sourced and proudly made right here in the UK

Fast delivery

Fast and free delivery

Online kitchen roll delivered direct to your door as often as you need

Friends of Oceans

Join Friends of Oceans by subscribing to our online kitchen roll subscription service and save 5% on every order! You can easily increase or decrease how often you receive your subscription kitchen roll – or even pause your subscription if you are off on holiday. 

Get eco-friendly kitchen roll delivered directly to your door whenever you need so you can enjoy hassle free, convenient shopping that is better for the environment.  

Marine Conservation Society

Cut your drop in the ocean

Humans have a direct impact on our planet: every year 8 to 13 million tonnes of plastic makes its way into our oceans, and we need to act now and work together to help make a difference. 

We donate 25% of our profits to the Marine Conservation Society to help support its brilliant work in cleaning our oceans – a healthy ocean means thriving marine life that can absorb carbon and helps to tackle climate change.

You can help reduce your impact on the planet by purchasing products that are sustainably sourced and plastic free to help cut your drop in the ocean.

Marine Conservation Society
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