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Get super soft toilet roll delivered direct to your door in just 48 hours for free – good for our oceans, good for the planet, good for your bottom!

Plastic Free Toilet Paper

  • Made sustainably in the UK
  • Proud to support the Marine Conservation Society
  • Super soft and unbelievably strong
  • Fast and free delivery  
*Five rolls free when you purchase our bigger pack (45 rolls for the price of 40)

Number of boxes required

Product details

  • Soft and strong – making a greener choice doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. Our 3-ply toilet paper is made from virgin cellulose material, making it super soft, strong, and beautifully white with a unique bubble print design.
  • Marine Conservation Society – by shopping with us, you’ll be supporting the Marine Conservation Society and their mission to create cleaner, healthier and better protected oceans.
  • Environmentally friendly – our materials are sustainably sourced from the Forest Stewardship Council and we are SEDEX accredited to ethical business standards.  
  • Fast and free delivery – ordering our plastic free toilet paper couldn’t be easier. Simply choose how many rolls you need and we’ll arrange delivery right to your door, abso-LOO-tely free as often as you need it.
  • Made in the UK – we are proud to support our UK workforce with fair wages and safe working conditions. Manufacturing in the UK also means we have greater quality control over our products.

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How much do you need?

Small households (1-3 people) use an average of 254 rolls a year – that’s the 27 pack every 6 weeks, or the 45 pack every 8 weeks. 

Larger households (4 people+) use an average of 508 rolls a year – that’s the 27 pack twice per month, or the 45 pack once per month.  

Obviously this depends on whether you are a toilet paper scruncher, folder or hand wrapper, it depends on whether you are a one-square wonder (hats off to you people) or prefer a little more padding for your bottom, it also depends on whether you are a social butterfly and have more guests to accommodate or if your home is your private sanctuary – we can only but give you a general rule of bum!  

Seal with Oceans plastic free toilet tissue

An eco friendly alternative

At Oceans, we are passionate about the future of our planet. That’s why, we’ve created household essentials that are specially designed to help reduce your household’s carbon footprint. If you’re looking for your next eco swap, you’ve found it.

Unlike many other toilet paper brands, we do not wrap our loo rolls in plastic. This leads to less plastic pollution, cleaner oceans and a healthier planet. When you buy our plastic free toilet paper, you’ll also be supporting the Marine Conservation Society, a registered UK charity working for seas full of life.

Made from sustainably-sourced FSC® paper, our eco friendly toilet paper is a great choice for anyone who wants to protect our forests and the people who rely on them.

You’ll be glad to know that our toilet roll is made right here in the UK too. This means it doesn’t travel halfway around the world to get to you.

Friends of Oceans

Become a Friends of Oceans by subscribing to our online toilet paper subscription and save 5% on every order! You can easily increase or decrease how often you receive your subscription toilet paper to suit your lifestyle. For example, you might need a little more toilet paper if you have friends to stay or you might need to pause your subscription for a little while if you are off on holiday exploring our beautiful planet.

Get plastic free toilet paper delivered directly to your door whenever you need so you can enjoy hassle free, convenient shopping that is better for the environment.

oceans 3-ply eco-friendly toilet tissue

3-ply soft and strong

Making waves with the softest and strongest eco-friendly toilet paper around

Made in the UK

Made in the UK

Sustainably sourced and proudly made right here in the UK

Fast delivery

Fast and free delivery

Online toilet paper delivered direct to your door as often as you need

Marine Conservation Society

Cut your drop in the ocean

Plastic pollution is a major problem facing the planet. Each year around 13 million tonnes of plastic makes its way into our oceans. Sadly, such pollution harms wildlife like seabirds, fish and microorganisms, and threatens already endangered species. We need to act fast to put a stop to this.

Small changes can add up, and you can play your part by choosing more sustainable products. When you buy from Oceans, you’ll also be helping to support the Marine Conservation Society, a registered UK charity working for seas full of life.

To date, we’ve removed 1 tonne of litter from British beaches through our donations. This means less rubbish in our oceans and healthier wildlife. Join us in tackling climate change and creating cleaner oceans by choosing eco friendly toilet paper.

Marine Conservation Society
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