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Working together to help the planet

No need for toilet humour, this is serious, and we need everyone to do their bit to help protect our oceans.

How it works

A friend in need is a friend indeed and how many times have you been called to deliver an emergency loo roll? Too many times? Help them set up their own toilet paper and kitchen roll subscription so they never run out again! 

Share the love with your friends and family and help us to protect our oceans, after all a problem shared is a problem halved.  

  • Fill out your details and your friend’s details below  
  • You and your friend will receive a notification inviting them to try Oceans and help keep our seas plastic free.  

Share the love

Help us spread the word about making this small change for the good of our planet.

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    Please check with your friend before sharing their details. All friends will be automatically sent an email about 'referring a friend’. By accepting this offer you consent to our terms of service and privacy policy. Please tick the box to receive the latest news, events and promotions from Oceans.