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Set the wheels in ocean, start bulk buying Oceans toilet roll and reduce your impact on the planet – 25% of all profits are donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

Oceans eco-friendly toilet paper

Oceans eco-friendly toilet tissue

  • 100% plastic-free loo roll 
  • Super soft toilet paper 
  • Fast and free delivery  

Subscribe today and save 5%

One small step for man, one giant leap for our planet

Choose our plastic-free products and help us make waves toward a more sustainable world, so future generations can enjoy our planet and the wildlife that inhabits it.

Plastic free toilet roll

100% plastic free

Eco-friendly toilet paper

MSC logo

Keep our seas clean

25% of profits to the Marine Conservation Society

FSC certified eco-friendly toilet paper

FSC® certified

Sustainably sourced toilet roll

Seriously strong and cushiony soft

Far from bog standard! Our unique cushiony soft bubble print design gives your derrière tender loving care, square by square.

oceans 3-ply eco-friendly toilet tissue

3-ply strong quality

Being green doesn’t mean your bum needs to feel blue, try our super soft loo roll

Made in the UK

Made in the UK

The best eco-friendly toilet paper sustainably made right here in the UK

Fast delivery

Fast and free delivery

Bulk buy our toilet roll online to be delivered direct to you – save your fuel, save the planet

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Subscribe today and save 5%

How much toilet paper do you need?

How many rolls do you need?

Small households (1-3 people) use an average of 254 rolls a year – that’s the 27 pack every 6 weeks, or the 45 pack every 8 weeks. 

Larger households (4 people+) use an average of 508 rolls a year – that’s the 27 pack twice per month, or the 45 pack once per month.  

Obviously this depends on whether you are a toilet paper scruncher, folder or hand wrapper, it depends on whether you are a one-square wonder (hats off to you people) or prefer a little more padding for your bottom. It also depends on whether you are a social butterfly and have more guests to accommodate or if your home is your private sanctum – we can only give you a general rule of bum!  

Friends of Oceans

Living a greener lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard work, becoming a Friend of Oceans and investing in a toilet roll subscription means convenient shopping that:

  • Saves you fuel with fewer trips to the shops
  • Reduces your consumption of single-use plastic by stopping the purchase of toilet roll from supermarkets
  • Reduces your carbon footprint by purchasing our sustainably sourced toilet paper
  • Offers fast and free delivery direct to door as often as you need – so you never run out

It is quick and easy to buy Oceans toilet roll online and you can simply edit your Friends of Oceans subscription to increase or decrease the frequency that you receive your toilet roll. For example, you might need a little more loo roll if you have friends to stay or you might need to pause your subscription for a little while if you are off on holiday exploring our beautiful planet.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about making the green switch to the blue? Got a few questions on our eco-friendly toilet roll? On how our subscriptions work? See a snapshot of our frequently asked questions below:

Just follow the simple steps below… 


  1. Log on to your customer account by clicking the icon in the top right-hand corner on any page of our website. 
  2. Click ‘subscriptions’ on the left-hand side of the customer portal.  
  3. If you have more than one subscription set up, then click ‘view’ to select the subscription you wish to edit. If you only have one subscription set up, then you will automatically be taken to your subscription order details. 
  4. Select the action relevant to how you wish to edit your subscription: 
    • CHANGE ADDRESS – change your shipping address. 
    • CHANGE PAYMENT – change payment card.  
    • CHANGE ORDER DATE – select this option if you wish to change your regular order date. Simply select your preferred date from the calendar and any other notes you wish to make, and our customer service team will be in touch shortly to authorise the change.  
    • RENEW NOW – select this option if you wish to receive your subscription order earlier than usual. You will be asked to complete payment in this option and will receive your delivery in 48 hours of this payment. Please note that this will not change your normal subscription order date and so your following order will be processed on your normal subscription order date. If you want to change your normal order date you will need to select ‘CHANGE ORDER DATE’ and if you wish to increase or decrease the frequency of your subscription order you will need to select ‘UPGRADE OR DOWNGRADE’.  
    • PAUSE – select this option if you need to pause your subscription while you are on holiday. Don’t forget to resume your order when you get back home by logging onto your customer account and selecting ‘REACTIVATE’  
    • CANCEL – we would be very sorry to see you go but you can cancel your subscription at any time and reactivate it if you change your mind!  
    • UPGRADE OR DOWNGRADE – select this option if you need to increase or decrease the frequency in which you receive your order. For example, you might want to change your order of 45 rolls every month to every six weeks instead. This option will take you through the normal checkout process so you can edit how often you want to receive your order. The final stage of the process will say ‘SWITCH SUBSCRIPTION’. If you then go back to your customer account, you will see that your subscription order details have changed.  

If you have any other questions or need any help, please contact our friendly team on  

Yes! It really is! All the raw materials are plastic free and our packs of 27 or 45 toilet rolls are paper wrapped in 9-roll bundles and all the bundles are popped into a study cardboard box to ensure the toilet rolls aren’t damaged when you receive them. So, you can use the cardboard box for the ultimate arts and craft project, reuse it for storage or recycle it along with your paper wrapping.

Oceans Toilet Tissue is made from virgin pulp cellulose – a clean, wood-based raw material – which is what makes our loo roll super soft and strong. 

All our virgin pulp cellulose is sustainably sourced and is FSC® certified. FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and they are on a mission to promote environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically prosperous management. They carefully manage forest habitats in a sustainable way – environmentally, economically and socially – to ensure the longevity of supply is in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem. 

FSC® certified materials are fully traceable back to the forest where the paper originated from. Our raw materials are sourced from the EU in large parent reels and transported using sea freight. Sourcing in bulk and transporting via sea rather than air or land cuts down our impact on the environment.  

The rest of the packaging is made from materials sourced from the UK. The materials are then converted and made into the finished product in the UK.

When choosing to shop greener so we can keep our oceans bluer, it is easy to drown in the sea of information and greenwashing! But which eco-friendly product is best?  

Bamboo – although quite a hardy plant, bamboo grows best in warm, moist climates. It’s for this reason over one-third of the world’s bamboo is grown in China. Bamboo is shipped in converted format which means you ship less than half compared to our method of shipping parent reels of virgin cellulose into the UK. The claims surrounding bamboo toilet roll start to unravel when you realise it’s racked up some miles being transported to the UK.  

Recycled – you can get FSC® certification for recycled paper as long as the paper is fully traceable back FSC® certified sources. Usually, recycled paper uses a broad mix of paper making the FSC claim extremely difficult. Using these various paper waste streams also means the manufacturing process uses loads more energy, and means the finished product is inconsistent which can feel like rough paper and look grey in appearance. 

FSC® certified material – is what we make our Oceans loo roll from and is virgin cellulose material which gives our toilet roll its super softness and strength. It is sustainably sourced from Europe in large parent reels – so less miles travelled before we make our lovely loo roll right here in the UK. The Oceans distribution agent who sends out our toilet roll to our customers is also less than five miles from our manufacturing facility, so even fewer miles travelled before it reaches your door! 

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