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Doing the best for our planet

Sustainable toilet paper and kitchen roll that is completely plastic free, beautifully soft and unbelievably strong – kind to behinds, kinder to oceans.

Significantly reduce your impact on the environment

Help to protect our oceans AND our forests – our toilet paper and kitchen roll is sustainably sourced and FSC® certified.  

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) promotes the responsible management of forests to ensure the supply of raw materials is in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem. Bulk buying eco-friendly products is also a more sustainable way to shop! 

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Marine Conservation Society

Make the switch and help towards a cleaner ocean   

Every year 8-13 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans, killing marine life and polluting our beaches.  

We’re proud to support the Marine Conservation Society who work to help keep our oceans clean and protect our wonderful sea life – you can help us help them by switching to plastic-free toilet paper and kitchen roll.

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Marine Conservation Society

Friends of Oceans

Sign up to our sustainable toilet paper and kitchen roll subscription and join our Friends of Oceans community to help us make a real difference.  

Recycling isn’t enough to save our oceans – we need to cut our habit of single-use plastic and shop sustainably. Become a Friends of Oceans and save 5% off every order of eco-friendly toilet paper and kitchen roll.  

Ethically made in the UK

Providing high-quality toilet paper and kitchen roll that is sustainably sourced and manufactured in the UK.

Made in the UK

Made in the UK

Fewer miles travelled from source to our UK manufacturers to your door.

FSC certified eco-friendly toilet paper

FSC® certified

All our tissue paper is sustainably sourced and can be traced back to the forest it originated from.

Sedex logo

Ethical standards

We are SEDEX certified meaning we practice ethical business standards for a happy workforce.

Top tips for living sustainably

Living a greener lifestyle isn’t as hard as you might think, you just need to ride the first baby wave and you’ll soon be surfing a tsunami! There are over 60 million people living in the UK and if everyone made a small change, it could do the world of good.

Here are our top tips for living sustainably:

1. Refill – there has been a sharp rise in zero-waste shops all over the UK – you can now take old jars and bottles to top up your herbs, shampoo, oil, cereal and much more! Find your nearest zero-waste shop.

2. Reuse – since the 5p plastic bag charge was introduced there has been a 55% drop in plastic bags found on UK beaches. Make sure you have a stash of reusable shopping bags in your car or handbag for any shopping trips.

3. Meat – cutting down your meat consumption could help reduce the greenhouse gases that livestock generate. Try adopting Meat Free Monday, an initiative started by Paul and Stella McCartney – you might be surprised at the tasty recipes!

4. Fish – take a look at the Good Fish Guide from our friends at the Marine Conservation Society. Available online and as a web app for smartphones, the Good Fish Guide helps consumers make the most sustainable choices of seafood.

5. Tumble dryer – dramatically reduce your household energy consumption by cutting your tumble dryer use, dry your clothes in the sunshine and get fresh smelling laundry like you wouldn’t believe or hang on a clothes dryer around the house.

6. Drinks – drinks containers are one of the most found items on our beaches; make sure you have a reusable water bottle and coffee cup to cut down on your single-use plastic consumption.

7. Bulk buy – purchasing items like eco-friendly toilet paper and kitchen roll in bulk saves money and cuts down on transport costs.

Make a difference – shop now!

Switching your toilet paper and kitchen roll from small plastic-wrapped supermarket purchases to larger packs of plastic-free toilet paper and kitchen roll can help to reduce your environmental impact.

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