Kind to behinds, kinder to oceans

100% plastic-free, eco-friendly toilet paper. Soft, strong and long-lasting toilet roll delivered free straight to your door.

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Oceans eco-friendly toilet paper

100% plastic free, fully recyclable paper wrapped packaging and sustainably made in the UK. Now with a smaller core and 20 more sheets per roll.

Oceans Toilet Tissue is committed to providing quality toilet roll that is also environmentally friendly. We roll with the Marine Conservation Society and donate 25% of all profits to help keep plastics out of our oceans.

Oceans eco-friendly kitchen towel

NEW! Oceans Kitchen Towel, 100% plastic free and sustainably made in the UK.

The jumbo-sized quality 3-ply kitchen paper with a unique liquid lock emboss is super absorbent making it perfect for big jobs around the house.

One small step for man, one giant leap for our planet

Choose our plastic-free products and help us make waves toward a more sustainable world, so future generations can enjoy our planet and the wildlife that inhabits it.

Plastic free toilet roll

100% plastic free

Eco-friendly toilet paper and kitchen towel

MSC logo

Keep our seas clean

25% of profits to the Marine Conservation Society

FSC certified eco-friendly toilet paper

FSC® certified

Sustainably sourced toilet roll and kitchen towel

Seriously strong and cushiony soft toilet tissue

Far from bog standard! Our unique cushiony soft bubble print design gives your derrière tender loving care, square by square.

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oceans 3-ply eco-friendly toilet tissue

3-ply strong quality

Being green doesn’t mean your bum needs to feel blue - try our super soft loo roll

Made in the UK

Made in the UK

The best eco-friendly toilet paper sustainably made right here in the UK

Fast delivery

Fast and free delivery

Bulk buy our toilet roll online to be delivered direct to you – save fuel, save the planet

Cut your drop in the ocean

Join our ocean-loving community and become a Friend of Oceans by signing up to our toilet roll and kitchen towel subscription – not only will we donate 25% of profits from each purchase to the Marine Conservation Society, but by ordering larger packs of loo roll and kitchen towel you are saving numerous trips to the shop, saving fuel and cutting down on single-use plastic products from the supermarket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about making the green switch to the blue? Got a few questions on our eco-friendly toilet tissue or kitchen roll? On how our subscriptions work? See a snapshot of our frequently asked questions below:

Our kitchen towels can be ordered in boxes of 6 or 9 rolls. It depends on individual usage but as a guide one roll per week is about average. However, busy households with lots of family members or pets may use more.  

Subscription is flexible so it’s easy to tailor your order depending on how much you need – you can order on a monthly or weekly basis by using our handy drop-down boxes on the order page. 

All orders are delivered free to your door usually within 48 hours.*  

*Cut-off time is 1pm daily Monday to Thursday. Orders placed after 1pm, on a Friday or on a weekend will take longer. 

Yes. If you already have a subscription for toilet paper and want your delivery for kitchen towel to arrive at the same time, then please just contact our helpful customer services team.  

Yes. Subscription is flexible so it’s easy to tailor your Oceans order depending on how much you need – you can order on a monthly or weekly basis by using our handy drop-down boxes on the order page.

If you’d like them to be delivered together then that’s no problem at all. Please just contact our helpful customer services team. 

Sustainability is our priority

Oceans want to make a serious splash when it comes to cleaning up our seas, but we also work hard to ensure our toilet paper and kitchen towel is always ethical and environmentally friendly – from sourcing sustainable, forest-friendly materials right through to the final wipe!

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