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Cleaning up our oceans

At Oceans, we’re proud to support our charity partner, the Marine Conservation Society. This UK-registered charity is committed to fighting for a cleaner, better protected, healthier ocean: one we can all enjoy.

The situation as it stands

Our ocean is in crisis. Every year around 8 to 13 tonnes of plastic makes its way into our waters, and every day, this pollution is destroying habitats and hurting marine wildlife. In fact, 37% of marine mammals are under threat of extinction due to ocean pollution.

Overfishing also poses a major problem. It’s thought that 90% of the world’s fish stocks are over-exploited due to fishing. Poor fishing management is endangering our oceans’ ecosystems and could lead to a global food crisis.

Climate change is one of the greatest threats the world has faced, and protecting our oceans is key to avoiding ecological catastrophe. Around 25% of the carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere is stored in the ocean, so it’s vitally important that we preserve and protect the ocean’s invaluable ecosystems.

How the Marine Conservation Society is helping

The Marine Conservation Society is committed to cleaning up our oceans, ending plastic pollution and fighting for more sustainable fishing practices. The group works tirelessly around the UK and contributes to international data and legislation. 

Every purchase you make with us helps to support the vital work of this charity, in their fight for a cleaner, better protected, healthier ocean.

Your donations have already helped the Marine Conservation Society towards ensuring bans on single-use plastic items and have also helped to remove almost 1 tonne of rubbish from UK beaches. Not only that, but your donations have also helped to create protected marine areas benefiting our wildlife and their habitats.

By 2030, our charity partner is calling for a third of the earth’s oceans to be protected, a clear downward trend in ocean pollution and for fish stocks to be at sustainable levels. But they need you.

How you can help

The Marine Conservation Society needs the support of people like us if it’s going to achieve its goals. Signing up for our subscription service is one simple way you can help.

You can also volunteer, fundraise, organise beach cleans ups and even leave a gift in your will.

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